Skills Contest
Knock-out Stage:
Played on 29 September at 7 pm on court 1
The Skills contest winner strikes gold, the other finalist gets silver and the two semi-finalists collect bronze.
GOLD - Angela Salvadores (Spain)
SILVER - Kamila Haskova (Czech Republic)
BRONZE - Mayara Marins (Brazil)
BRONZE - Destiny Castro (Guam)

Played on 27 September at 7:40 pm on court 1 and 2

Depending on the number of sign-ups, two pools are split over two courts. The player is standing at the starting line, after the “Go”, a ball has to be taken off an obstacle, dribbled through a slalom parcourse and put again on an obstacle. Then 1 out of max 3 balls has to be passed into a target (in case no balls hits the target, the player is Out) and the same parcourse has to be accomplished back to the Finish line. The fastest two women from each pool proceed to the final.

Qualification Pool - Group 1
 Angela Salvadores (Spain) 9"6*
 Anneleen Debaets (Belgium) 11"1
 Arike Ogunbowale (USA) 11"6
 Cassidy Cheuk-Alam (Netherlands) 19"6
 Claudia Brunet (Andorra) 15"3
 Destiny Castro (Guam) 10"9*
 Fleur Devillers (France) 18"4
 Francesca Gambarini (Italy) 13"4
 Genesis Pagan (Puerto Rico) 0
 Vita Horobets (Ukraine) 13"9
 Justina Kraujunaite (Lithuania) 0


Qualification Pool - Group 2
 Kadri-Ann Lass (Estonia) 16"1
 Kamila Haskova (Czech Republic) 11"4*
 Izabella Lovasz (Romania) 18"6
 Mayara Marins (Brazil) 11"4*
 Megan Lewis (England) 19"3
 Pareraukura Gillmartin-Kara (New Zealand) 0
 Rabed Rebii (Tunisia) 11"5
 Nirmala (Indonesia) 13"4
 Shay Colley (Canada) 0
 Wu Yi Fan (China) 13"8
* qualified for the Final Round
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