Free-throw Pursuit
Played on 29 September at 7:15pm on court 1.

GOLD - János Mike (Hungary)
SILVER - Gerard Gomila (Spain)
BRONZE - Dimitris Rasty (Romania)
Men's qualifications to be played on 26 September at 7pm on court 1.
Women's qualifications to be played on 27 September at 5pm on court 4.

A maximum of 16 players (per court with men and women separated on different courts) line up at the free-throw line. One after the other attempt a free-throw, whereas shooting is allowed as soon as the player in front has completed the shooting movement (ball has left hand). In case one player misses the basket and the following player succeeds, this player is taken out of the competition. Every player needs to collect the ball and pass it immediately to the next player in the order, no matter if the attempt was successful or not. This procedure continues until the best 4 women and best 4 men remain on the different courts.
Women's finalists
Katerina Praeharova (Czech Republic)
Leticia Cristina (Brazil)
Men's finalists
János Mike (Hungary)
Dimitris Rasty (Romania)
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