Honda Dunk Contest
Knock-out Stage:
Kobe Paras (Philippines) struck gold at the FIBA 3x3 U18 World Championships Honda Dunk contest, held on 29 September at 8:45 pm on Court 1.
GOLD - Kobe Paras (Philippines) 30+27 (57pts)
SILVER - Antonio Morales (Spain) 26+25 (51pts)
BRONZE - Demonte Flannigan (USA)
BRONZE - Sun Ming Hui (China)

 Antonio Morales (Spain) 26+27 (53pts)*
 Demonte Flannigan (USA) 28+0 (28pts)
 Kobe Paras (Philippines) 30+30 (60pts)*
 Sun Ming Hui (China) DNP
* qualified for the Final

Played on 28 September at 8:40 pm on court 1

The 4 players with the highest scores advance to the Final which consists of two rounds.

Qualification Pool
 Alejandro Zurbriggen (Argentina) 21pts
 Olivier Yao-Delon (France) 6 pts
 Christian Sengfelder (Germany) 23pts
 Vincent Rivaldi Kosasih (Indonesia) 24pts
 Dario Zucca (Italy) 21pts
 Kristupas Zemaitis (Lithuania) 22pts
 Adam Siewruk (Poland) 0pt
 Josue Erazo (Puerto Rico) 21pts
 Mohamed El-Sayed Attia (Qatar) 0pt
 Antonio Morales (Spain) 25pts*
 Arnaud Cotture (Switzerland) 25pts
 Cagatay Cevik (Turkey) 24pts
 Demonte Flannigan (USA) 28pts*
 Kobe Paras (Philippines) 30pts*
 Sun Ming Hui (China) 30pts*

* qualified for the Final Round
** Antonio Morales (Spain) beat Arnaud Cotture (Swwitzerland) in a tie-breaker 26-24


Honda Dunk contest
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